Media Monitoring Guide
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Hear news first! I have found the best way to know if something big is going on in town is to listen to area media communications. Police Chases, Traffic Accidents, Fires and Shootings are all being monitored by News directors who are monitoring numerous scanners 24 hours a day, why waste the time when you can listen to just a couple of frequencies. Have fun and enjoy!
We do realize these pages could be prettier, but they are easy to navigate and a breeze to print out! We rely on our readers to keep us up to date and help with any cities we are missing, so show us yours and we'll show you ours!  E-mail us!

We are constantly updating, please check back often!

Current Media Markets Covered, sorted by market size.

New York City, NY Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA San Francisco, CA Boston, MA
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX Washington, DC Detroit, MI
Atlanta, GA Houston, TX Seattle, WA
Minneapolis, MN Tampa, FL Cleveland, OH
Miami / 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Phoenix, AZ Denver, CO
Sacramento, CA Pittsburgh, PA Orlando, FL
St. Louis, MO Portland, OR Baltimore, MD
San Diego, CA Indianapolis, IN Hartford, CT
Charlotte, NC Raleigh-Durham, NC Kansas City, MO
Nashville, TN Cincinnati, OH Milwaukee, WI
Columbus, OH Greenville, SC Salt Lake City, UT
San Antonio, TX Grand Rapids, MI Birmingham, AL
Memphis, TN Norfolk, VA New Orleans, LA
West Palm Beach, FL Buffalo, NY Oklahoma City, OK
Harrisburg, PA Greensboro, NC Louisville, KY
Providence, RI Albuquerque, NM Las Vegas, NV
Wilkes Barre, PA Dayton, OH National  Networks

For all FCC assigned frequencies for 
Auxiliary Broadcasts / Remote Pickups Click Here!

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